Reef Sprinter | Frequently Asked Questions

Why Wont I Get Sea Sick?

Because the boats have the wrong type of motion and it goes so fast you wont have time to get seasick. Once we are there we are in sheltered water behind the Reef (no rocking).

Is 1 ½ hours of snorkeling long enough?

Yes you will be exhausted after snorkeling for an hour and a half, its plenty long enough to see everything and you will still have ½ a day to do something else.

What if I can't snorkel?

We will teach you the basics of snorkelling. We have floatation noodles to help and we give a 10 min briefing and demonstration on arrival. If you give up on snorkelling you can still see the reef in the glass bottom boat, 5 (Low Isles Reef Only). Please note there is no glass bottom boat on the Outer Reef tour.

What about stingers, sharks and crocodiles?

In summer we supply stinger suits (free of charge) and in winter we supply wetsuits (free of charge) to protect you from any jellyfish. In all the years we have been visiting this site we have never seen a large shark or crocodile. This is a very safe snorkelling site.

Do we go to the island?

Yes. From 2017 we now have one of the few permits allowing 365 day access onto the Island with our Tour Option B.

What is the difference between our boats?

Nothing much. They are all custom built to go very fast with race car seating and offer an exciting ride - without sea sickness.

What is the difference between the Low Isles Reef and the Outer Reef?

The Low Isles reef is better suited for beginners because it is sheltered from the waves, is shallow and is only 15 minutes away. It is great for kids and there are lots of turtles and beautiful types of coral. The Outer Reef takes it to the next level and has 25m underwater visibility, big fish and larger coral. You won't be disappointed, they are both breathtaking!