Fast and Fun Snorkelling Tours

2 Hr Inner Reef or 3 ½ Hr Outer Reef

Too fast to get seasick!

Maximum of just 14 people!

Exclusive Snorkelling Sites

Low Isles Reef or Outer Reef Snorkelling Tours from Port Douglas

Reef Sprinter caters for those looking for a true half-day reef experience without spending all day getting there. We have two options: Low Isles Reef & Outer Reef.

Low Isles Reef Tour

The Low Isles Reef is just 15 minutes away from Port Douglas and you won't get seasick! The trip is 2 ¼ hours all together, which includes 1 ½ of snorkelling. This will give you half a day to do something else. We visit the reef at Low Isles (not the Island) - one of the Great Barrier Reefs most spectacular coral cays. This is also where our glass bottom boat is located so even if you don't swim you can still see the spectacular reef, turtles and diverse marine life. Better suited for:

  • Beginners (sheltered from the waves)
  • People who want a shorter boat ride
  • Great for kids
  • People who can't swim (Glass Bottom Boat)
  • Great spot for seeing turtles!

Half Day Outer Reef Tour

Jump aboard for a Great Barrier Reef experience to remember. Travelling at an amazing 80kph we can get you to the Outer Reef (sea sick free) in just 40 minutes. Our Fantastic Site is located next to Opal Reef, the most spectacular part of the Outer Barrier Reef. This trip is 3 ½ hours long, allowing you up to 1 ½ hours of snorkelling time. You will see lots of colourful corals, large fish and other diverse marine life. The Outer Reef takes it to the next level:

  • It has 25 metres of underwater visibility
  • Bigger fish
  • Larger corals
  • Best suited for people who can swim
  • 1 ½ hours of snorkelling time
  • Only runs if forecast is less than 15 knots

Port Douglas Reef Sprinter photos

14 reasons to experience your once in a lifetime reef trip with us:

  • We go to an exclusive part of the reef (No Crowds).
  • You won't get seasick. Speedboats have the wrong motion to cause sea sickness.
  • Just 15 minutes to the Low Isles Reef or 40 minutes to the Outer Reef.
  • Travelling at 40 knots (80km/hr) means getting there is half the fun!
  • You will have half a day to do something else.
  • Queenslands only 2 1/4 hour reef trip or half day Outer Reef trip.
  • Up to a maximum of 14 passengers means you get personalised service.
  • 1 1/2 hours of some of the best snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef has to offer.
  • Free Glass Bottom Boat (Low Isles Reef Only).
  • No hidden extras. All snorkelling equipment, stinger suits, wet suits and EMC are included in the cost.
  • Personal snorkelling instruction so you can feel safe and comfortable. We also have flotation noodles.
  • Free prescription masks.
  • All snorkellers are under trained life guards supervision.
  • Low Isles snorkelling site is protected from South East tradewinds and is less than 2 metres deep.
  • All that for $130/adult for the Low Isles Reef or $200 Outer Reef tour all inclusive.